Put Elan Mehler behind a piano and nobody, whether you are a jazz fan or not, wil be untouched.”

— Pianist Magazine

Mehler’s touch is as nuanced as Bill Evans’s, and his phrasing draws on both jazz and classical music without directly importing licks from either. The subdued certainties of his playing bring a crowded room to total silence.”

— John Fordham, The Guardian

They slow the songs way down, stretching them out like snow on a midwestern plain. As intimate as they are incandescent, the songs are a soundtrack for the heart of winter if there ever was one.”

No Depression

These two artists have an abundance of commendable projects in their portfolios, but this stripped-down collection is a most striking showcase of their talents.”

All About Jazz

Vaudevillian atmospheres have you step right up with Mehler growling out like a carney on “Love In Retrospect,” “Jesus Pants” and the Captain Beefheartian “I’m Not For Everyone,” which pretty well sums up the band’s attitude.”

Jazz Weekly

Building a productive relationship between two genres of music that few jazz artists other than Bill Frisell have managed to splice.”

The Guardian